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Fashion statement or fashion victim? How do you decide what works for you?

Not every woman can wear every trend. You can loose your sense of style if you follow every trend. How do you decide? How do you know when you have crossed the boundary from looking fashionable and having a wardrobe that works for you to looking like a fashion victim?

Worthy purchases will work only if you wear them the right way and with the right pieces. Choose favorite items from collections you love and use them to update your existing wardrobe. For example, a silk shirt works well with a cashmere sweater. To keep a balance in your wardrobe supplement the statement pieces with the more timeless classics. Know when to wear it. Making something your own has to do with when you wear it, not just what you wear it with.

At Starr Couture we can advise you in choosing the right styles, colors, and proportions to compliment your figure along with meeting your lifestyle needs.

  Trends & Advice
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